If you are coming from Piacenza, Savona, Frejus, Milan or Aosta Take the “Corso UNIONE SOVIETICA - LINGOTTO – SESTRIERE” exit at the beltway (Tangenziale). As you enter Turin, get on the lateral lane of Corso Unione Sovietica. You will find Resid'Angle 800 meters on the right after the second street lights, opposite Via Farinelli.

After you arrive at “TORINO PORTA NUOVA” rail station, exit on the Via Sacchi side. Take tram number 4 direction “Mirafiori Sud/Strada del Drosso” or walk to Carlo Felice Square and take bus number 34.After an approximately 15-minute ride, you will arrive at the Via Plava - Via Farinelli stop. You will find “Resid’Angle” right in front of you.
If you arrive at “TORINO LINGOTTO” rail station, take bus number 41, and get off at Via Plava - Via Farinelli stop.
If you arrive at “TORINO PORTA SUSA” rail station, walk 300 meters approximately to STATUTO Square, where you will find the terminus of bus line 71, which takes you to Via Farinelli stop, or you can take the subway and go to TORINO PORTA NUOVA rail station and take tram number 4 direction “Mirafiori Sud/Strada del Drosso”.

Hop on the shuttle bus which leaves every half hour and it will take you from TURIN CASELLE "Sandro Pertini" airport to TORINO PORTA NUOVA rail station terminal. There, you can take tram number 4, direction “Mirafiori Sud/Strada del Drosso”.

LOCATION IN THE CITY: Zona Torino Sud’ - South Turin Area, FIAT Mirafiori Area, Zona Ospedali – Hospital District, Lingotto Fiere – Lingotto Fair Complex - and Lingotto rail station, racecourse, close to Tangenziale Sud - Southern Beltway, Pinerolo, Pragelato, Sestriere, Susa and Chisone Valleys, Piacenza-Savona highway, easy connections to Beinasco, Candiolo, Orbassano, Moncalieri, Nichelino, Stupinigi, Rivalta, Rivoli and Vinovo. LINKS USEFUL LINKS TO INFORMATION ON HOW TO REACH US:
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Medieval Village and Castle

The village is in fact more akin to an archaeological-monument site and came to life in Valentino Park as a pavilion for the International Expo, held in Turin from April through November 1884.

It was planned to be demolished at the end of the International Expo, but it became a city museum in 1942.
It is a fairly faithful reproduction of a typical late medieval town with a reconstruction of streets, houses, churches, squares, fountains and decorations of the time surrounded by walls and fortresses and towering above a stronghold fortress. Access to the village is through a tower-gate.
The construction of the village and the stronghold fortress was inspired by numerous castles of Piedmont and Valdaosta regions.

The village has been housing craft workshops since 1884.

The stronghold fortress has four storeys. The basement houses the prisons. The ground floor houses the entrance hall, the lobby, the courtyard, the soldiers' dormitory where mercenaries slept, the kitchens and dining room. The first floor houses the chamber of the guardian who controlled access to the drawbridge, the antechamber and the baronial hall, the bedroom inspired by the chambers of the King of France in Issogne Castle, the oratory, the Matron's room and the chapel.

Distance to the residence:
6.7 km.